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PathwaysARTS Performance Videos

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  1. 4/2/17 Jaj Halperin plays at our "Three Pianos" event at Pathways Gathering Space

  2. 3.31.17 WE DANCE at Pathways Gathering Space. Tessa Permar dances

    Dance - "ALIGHT". music: Arsonist's Lullabye by Hozier

  3. 1/6/18 Tessa Permar dances at Pathways Gathering Space for WE DANCE

    Tessa Permar created and performed this dance "Flood", a dance made in rough waters. Music: Son Little.

  4. 1/6/18 Pianist Lisa Weiss & Dancer Jesse Keller at Pathways Gathering Space's WE DANCE

    J.S. Bach and twentieth century composer Arnold Schoenberg each tested the limits and explored the boundaries of tonality in their own way. Pianist Lisa Weiss and dancer Jesse Keller perform Bach's Fugue in B minor, composed in 1742, and contemporary L.A. composer Russell Steinberg's response to that fugue, entitled "Bach's Vortex to Schoenberg."  Steinberg deconstructs the final eight measures of the Bach until it turns into Schoenberg's groundbreaking atonal work for piano, Opus 11 #1. 
    The performers approach this music as a metaphor about journeying and, in particular, how it feels when one arrives at the certain knowledge that one has tried everything possible and has taken whatever journey it  may be to its absolute limit. The  journey itself, meanwhile, is transformative in unexpected and beautiful ways.

  5. 1/6/18 Karam Belly Dance; Emma van Lohuizen, Amy Kurth & Betsy Smith perform at Pathways

    So Moved! Music: Miserlou by Martina Eisenreich Orchestra. Performed at WE DANCE, a monthly event put on by PathwaysARTS

  6. 12/29/17 Willy Mason Plays at Pathways Gathering Space

    Also on the line-up this evening was Seamus Galligan, Isaac Taylor, and Alex Karalekas.
    Go here to see the other performers this night...12/29/17 Music Night with Seamus Galligan, Isaac Taylor, Willy Mason, Alex Karalekas