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  1. OceaWilderness. Fresh Choreographies from the North Atlantic.

    Marianne Goldberg's final oeuvre, OceA Wilderness, performed at The Yard October 2015. Choreography and artistic direction Marianne Goldberg. Created in residence at The Yard, Martha's Vineyard, in
    collaboration with dancers, Holly Wilder, Anri Nakano, Emily Craver, Maggie Ammons, Ellen Oliver, Angela Fegers, Leah Fournier, Laura Neese, Evelyn Langley & Arielle Pina

  2. "Unfurling" performance April 16th 2015 by Marianne Goldberg at Pathways

    Dress rehearsal as part of Pathway's Perennial OceA Wilderness Multi-Arts Event. "Let There Be Light" OceA Choreography of Fabric & Light by Marianne Goldberg. Piano; David Stanwood, Movement; Susan Puciul, Caroline Curry, Lisa Amols, Jeanie DelGiudice, Projections; Keren Tonnesen, Richard Skidmore, Fabric work; Scott Crawford, Keren Tonnesen

  3. 3-11-17 Intro w Natasha Taylor

  4. 3/11/14 Olive Tomlinson speaks about Vineyard Summer Theatre and reads her short story 'Thank you Mr Pookram!".

    Longtime Oak Bluffs resident, OLIVE TOMLINSON presents a video about the famous "Vineyard Summer Theatre," one of the first summer theatre groups on the Island after World War II. Ms. Tomlinson is the daughter of Cutie Bowles, a member of the celebrated Shearer Summer Theatre, which showcased work by an all-black repertory group made up of talented performers, friends and family members.
    Olive will also read a short essay about her experiences and insights on a roadtrip she and two other African Americans took across the US to Mexico.

  5. 3/11/17 Jesse Keller and Lisa Weiss

    A medley of multi-media performances by Jesse Keller and Lisa Weiss: dance by Jesse Keller, music by local composer Tony Tobia, performed by Lisa Weiss, accompanied by drawings arranged by Lisa Weiss.

  6. 3/11/17 Jesse Keller and Lisa Weiss

    A medley of multi-media performances by Jesse Keller, dancer and Lisa Weiss, pianist, playing music of Bach, Chopin, and local composer Tony Tobia, accompanied by projections of drawings by Lisa Weiss.