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Presentations from CICADA Sydney BBQs

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Global Auditory Rehabilitation Programs - Viktorija McDonell

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International Cochlear Implant Day 2020

Global Auditory Rehabilitation Programs - Viktorija McDonell

Viktorija’s daughter Holly was the first child to receive a cochlear implant in the Sydney CI program in June 1987 and still wears the original CI. In 1998 Viktorija completed Master of Special Education – Hearing Impairment, from Renwick College, Newcastle University.

Viktorija has a long association with Cochlear; as a Teacher of the Deaf, she was Coordinator of Paediatric Habilitation at Cochlear Asia Pacific from 2000 to 2006. Then until 2016 she was Co-ordinator of Rehabilitation for Central and Eastern Europe, providing information, resources and workshops to parents and professionals working with children who have CI’s. In 2015, Viktorija helped to set up a new early intervention centre called Casa Koala in Bucharest, Romania and provides ongoing support. She continues to be involved in the development of new rehabilitation resources for Cochlear.