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A Personal Collection - The Art Music Video by Ashley Karrell

A Personal Collection…Of Vivienne Westwood Shoes by Ashley Karrell

The art-music video was originally shown at the Barnsley Civic... May 13 - July 17 2010.

A Personal Collection of Vivienne Westwood Shoes; this ultimate indulgence shows how a private collector has built this collection over the last 15 years, choosing them for their innovative attitude towards design and most importantly their passion.

This collection of shoes by Vivienne Westwood, best known as the creator of punk and new wave fashions and for opening the Sex boutique in the 1970s with Malcolm McLaren, spans the decades from the 1970’s and includes some classic examples of the innovation and passion inherent in the designer. The black ‘spike’ SEX shoe, the ‘hammerhead’ trainer, the ‘pirate boot’ the limited edition collection with Nine West and the recent mass market collaboration with the Brazilian company Melissa, clearly demonstrates that she remains the undisputed Queen of British fashion.

Commissioned by the Barnsley Civic, the elements of the video are based on the ideas of beauty, art, fun, fantasy, drama, obsession, cakes & shoes. Set in a warehouse where human toy mannequins come to life for Alice?, the finder of the Golden Tracy Trainers. With a cast and crew of 85, Ashley Karrell was a modern day prince charming producer / director for this shoot, by personally searching the city of Leeds for the dancers, models and performers for the video.

The exhibition toured in Europe - Canada 2011-2012 and will be next presented at Lincoln Castle 2019