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Family Affair by Patrick Ziza

Family Affair delves into a conflict that a person of a non-Western heritage often experiences when 21st century western cultural ways of living clash with their traditional cultural family values. This work is inspired by my own experiences of family life as a person of African heritage and LGBTQ background, living in a household spanning at least two generations.

Danced and choreographed by Patrick Ziza

Directed by Patrick Ziza and Patryk “POOKIE”Kasprzak

Original Music composed and produced by Patryk "POOKIE" Kasprzak

Additional Sound Engineering by Alan “Al T.” Turnbull

Make up Artist: Jessica Lois Bailey

Costume Design: Alan Vaughan

Lighting technician: James Froment

Producer: Patricia Stead

Filmed & Edited by Ashley Karrell

Camera Assistant & BTS Photography by Solomon Charles Kelly