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#WeUpWomen - London

From the East Coast to West Coast and across the pond in London, the #1 thing people say after attending a #WEUPWOMEN event is "Energy", next are "inspirational" and "powerful"!

Thank you London for showing us love and keeping the energy going! Congrats to WeUp's Adelaide Smith Award honorees Amber Williamson (Business Award), her Mum Robyn Williamson (Caregiver Award - not pictured), Tatiana Giraud (Philanthropy Award), and Deirdre McGlashan (Innovation Award - not pictured) and special thanks to our celebrity host writer, director, actor, and producer Rodney Charles!

WeUp is a social enterprise startup launching a series of international events leading up to the release of our highly-anticipated goal achievement app, WeUp. As a social enterprise committed to 51% women employment, we support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals #5 (Gender Equality). During 2018 the #WeUpWomen Tour will take place over 10 international cities. The tour will capture Impact Stories about women who’ve helped and contributed to other people striving to achieve their goals. The movement uses good news as a way to counterbalance the rising culture of us versus them, men versus women. A way to acknowledge, come together and transform #MeToo into #WeUpWomen.

Video credit: Ashley Karrell & Luke Shoesmith
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