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Hyundai FanDome UEFA EUROS 2016

Hyundai FanDome | For 30 heady (and footy) days between 10th June and 10th July, the Hyundai FanDome played host to the ultimate UEFA EURO 2016 experience. A one-of-a-kind, multi-sensory, 4-metre high screen, 360-degree fan extravaganza in the heart of central London. Hyundai Motor UK launched the innovative ‘FanDome’ experience in King’s Cross, London, it hosted 40,000 guests across 45 games of EURO 2016. The Hyundai FanDome gave fans the opportunity to experience football like never before, through a world-first live reactive 360-degree audio-visual experience. It instantly reacted in real time to the action in live games - everything from goals scored, red and yellow cards, penalty shootouts, national anthems and even injury time will trigged a unique audio-visual response inside the Hyundai FanDome.
A Shift London Video | A Panoptical Video Production 2016