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...This is the Uplifting Part

Pamplemousse presents a video potpourri of proliferous and beautiful explosions through exquisitely intertwined introversion and exhibitionism. Each of the Pamplemousse members specializes in a unique aspect of composition, from Andrew's micro-detailed instrumental writing to Jessie's experimental theatre with electronics to Bryan’s electro-mechanical musical robotics. The compositions aggregate each member's unique performative talents into extraordinary magical moments.

Performed by:
Dave Broome, keys/slide whistles
Natacha Diels, flute/slide whistles
Andrew Greenwald, drums
Bryan Jacobs, electronics
Jessie Marino, cello

Produced by Ensemble Pamplemousse
Audio Engineering by Bryan Jacobs
Video Engineering by Natacha Diels
Recording Engineering by Andrew Munsey
Camera by Tina Tallon and Kyle Johnson

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...This Is The Uplifting Part: Trailer

Trailer for Ensemble Pamplemousse's video album ...This Is The Uplifting Part.
Parlour Tapes + 010.

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