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Pacific Extremes Videos

A celebration of fly fishing and the great outdoors.

  1. Mono Loop Weedguard

    Fly tying tips...get the best performance from your mono guard and fish with confidence.
    Cheers, Ken

  2. Sea Habit Bucktails

    Fly background and tying tips for Trey Combs outstanding baitfish pattern.
    Cheers, Ken

  3. Pacific Surf Tips #1

    Here's a few quick tips for reading the Surf Zone. It's all about taking "big water" and making it "small water."
    Cheers, Ken

  4. Pygmy Hoppers

    The history and tying steps for my small hoppers. I hope this inspires you to give them a try, or use them as a springboard for your own creation.
    Cheers, Ken

  5. El Reino Magico

    Here's a pure celebration of the Sierra Madre largemouth bass fisheries. It's just a short glimpse into one of my favorite places. Enjoy the ride!
    Cheers, Ken

  6. Darts and Arrows

    Here's a cool little technique worth exploring. It's an excellent "fixed distance" presentation option.
    Cheers, Ken