The Connecting with Law Short Film Competition is is an annual competition hosted by Oxford University Press Australia and New Zealand. Now in its tenth year, the competition is open to all students currently enrolled in an Australian law school.
Students are asked to create a short film designed to help others connect with the law and the winners are those judged to be the most creative, instructive and original.
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The Ordinary Reasonable Man (2009)

Our film is an exploration of that contentious curiosity of law; the principle of the ‘ordinary reasonable person’ functioning as a measuring-stick by which the common standards of society are gauged. The film parodies the imaginary objectivity of this arguably middle-class, male and outdated concept. Is such a man so ordinary, decent and rational that he has now become ludicrously abnormal? Reginald Toff is the actual original historical man on the Clapham Omnibus. Astute students of Defamation and Trademark Law can find ten different hidden references throughout the film to the case authorities for each principle narrated by the psychiatrist.

Commended: Connecting with Law Short Film Competition 2009
Dolma Gunther, Alastair Donnelley, Peter Chapman, Susanna Robinson, Toby Brennan, Stuart White, Jodie Lyons, Sandra Strauss (The University of Sydney)



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