Kellogg Company

Recruitment videos created by Overneath Creative Collective for Kellogg Company's HR, Marketing, Internship Programs, Diversity & Inclusion, Research & Development, Merchandising, and GBS locations.

Kellogg Company // “Boots on the Ground”

Tired of talking heads? Kellogg Company asked us to create a cinematic story that demonstrated the pride and joy that comes with being a merchandiser at Kellogg. The video tells the side-by-side story of Nathan, a real-life Kellogg merchandiser, and Isla, a sweet young girl who has run out of her favorite Kellogg's snack.

We artfully combined the practical and poetic by showcasing the actual duties of the position while also showing the difference a merchandiser can make in a little girl's life.


Canon C300 Mark ii
Canon Cine Lenses Kit
DJI Ronin
Atomos Shogun
Zacuto Shoulder Mount