Wedding Samples

San Sophia Overlook Ski Resort Lodge - Rocky Mountains Wilderness, Telluride CO - Wedding Highlights - Kenny + Tara

"AMAZING VIDEO! And I can’t imagine how much work was involved. Just wanted to send a note saying thank you ... I’m not sure if you realize how you impacted us ... ;)"

'Ken now admits to all of our friends and family: “at first I thought agh - Tara hired a photographer AND a videographer?!!!? And after watching the video, I’m soooo happy she did!” :)

Thanks for everything Jeff! ' - bride

Get the videographer! Jeff and his crew are AMAZING! Even after 5 years, my husband will get teary-eyed watching the video that Jeff put together (and he’s not a crier). Jeff did an excellent job capturing the emotions, the moments of fun throughout the party that we didn’t get to see until we saw the video (and now have them forever) and he captured the beautiful scenery of the special place we chose to have our wedding. My husband still laughs about how he said to me “oh no! You hired a photographer AND a videographer???” but then ended up being so happy we did. The video is worth it especially when you have Jeff and his crew pick the special moments, blend them with slow motion or other cool effects, and he also picked great music after learning what we liked. Thank you Jeff! Even after all these years the video still has the same effect as when we first watched it :)