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The Residents Stories

Our Bigger Story is a multimedia evaluation which aims to record change in Big Local areas, and understand how those changes come about and how they can be sustained. Residents are telling their stories of change over a ten year period, through a range of media including animation and film.

Northfleet Big Local: responses to COVID-19 March to 10th May 2020

From the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak I had been putting up advice posters and guidelines around social distancing to make people more aware of the steps we need to take to help reduce the spread. Many of these were torn down so I changed tack and put more friendly positive posts around the advice using chalk on the pavements, stairwells around the area reinforcing the social distance and stay at home messages. Local shopkeepers were pleased with the support these messages offered them in managing numbers in their small shops.

Having chatted to people on my daily walk about and the weekly foodbank it became apparent that some people were struggling with being cooped up in blocks of flats and were starting to feel anxious and some were even scared to go shopping messages of positivity were the next step. People responded to these by writing their own outside their houses.

Mandi Knight: Northfleet North Big Local