Polykystinen munuaissairaus Finland

Videoita polykystisestä munuaissairaudesta suomeksi
(Videos about ADPKD in Finnish or with Finnish subtitles)

ADPKD & Me - Tess - Finnish subtitles

Tess Harris was diagnosed with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) in the 1980s. Since her diagnosis, Tess has spent her time learning and understanding ADPKD, which has led to her involvement in PKD Charity. This has helped Tess to take control of her condition by feeling empowered, stronger and more able to manage the disease.

This video has been commissioned and developed by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd., in close collaboration with the non-profit, non-governmental association, PKD International. It aims to raise awareness of ADPKD and support people living with ADPKD and their families to contribute to their overall wellbeing.