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OtherPeoplesPixels is a website building service designed for artists by artists. We'll help you create a professional portfolio website you can be proud of. Since we're artists too, we know you want to be in your studio, not on your computer!

Getting Started

Getting Started Tutorial

Welcome to OPP!

Here are a few tips to help you get your website started. In this tutorial, we will:

* Choose A Template
* Change your Website Title
* Add your Home Page Image
* Add your Artist Statement
* Edit your Contact Page
* Upload a PDF file
* Add Images to your Artwork Section

To choose a Template, go to the Appearance section of your Control Panel and click on Template. You can use these tags to filter through the templates; or you can use the scroll bar. Once you've made your selection, click "Choose the Template Above", and then click "Back to Menu".

To change your Website Title, go to the 'Site-Wide Settings' area of your Control Panel and click on 'Website Title'. Your Website Title is what will show up as the name of your site on Google and at the top of the browser window when someone visits your site. We recommend placing at least your name in the title to help your search engine ranking. Click Update when you're done.

To add your Home Page Image, go to the 'Artwork & Content' section of your Control Panel and click on 'Image' under the 'Home Page' area. Your home page image can be whatever you'd like it to be -- a piece you feel represents your work collectively, or your favorite piece at the time. Remember, you can edit this Image, and everything about your OPP site at any time, so nothing is permanent.

To add your Artist Statement, go to the 'Artwork & Content' section of your Control Panel and click on 'Artist Statement' under 'Home Page'. I would recommend that you work on your Artist Statement in a word processing program, so that you can take your time editing and saving it, since your Control Panel has an automated time out feature. That way, when it is ready, you can copy & paste it into the 'Artist Statement' area and save it to your site immediately with no risk of losing changes. Once you've added your artist statement, click Update at the bottom of the page.

To edit your Contact Page, go to the 'Artwork & Content' section of your Control Panel and click on 'Edit Contact Info' under 'Contact Page'. Most customers place at least their name and the email address they want publicized on the internet so that visitors to their site can contact them. You can also choose to uncheck the message form if you do not want visitors to leave you a message. Once you've made your changes, click Update.

To upload a PDF file, go to the 'Artwork & Content' section of your Control Panel and click on 'Add PDF' under 'PDF Page'. Your PDF file can be up to 10 MB in size, so it can be several pages long. Customers use this area for their Resume, for Press Articles, for a pricing list -- the choice is yours, it can be whatever you'd like it to be. Be sure to click Update after you've located your PDF file on your computer.

To add Images to your Artwork Section, go to the 'Artwork & Content' area of your Control Panel and click on '+Image'. I would recommend adding a Title to the piece, as that will help you to organize your work as you add more and more images to your site. Take your time while scrolling through this page, and familiarize yourself with the different fields. I would also recommend placing a description of your image in the 'Description' area and a Caption as well. These things will help with the search engine optimization of your site.

Once you've finalized all of the details of your image, click Update at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken to our thumbnail creator. Use your cursor to move the edges of the red box around and select the thumbnail of your choice. Click Save when you're done.

Remember that you can see the changes to your site live; so anytime you want to see what your website looks like after you've made these changes, you can click "View Your Website" in the bottom left corner or on your URL in the upper right hand corner.

Be sure to check out Pixelpedia, our searchable help center, and the other video tutorials as well. You can also email customer support with any questions you might have. Also, be sure to visit our blog and see our featured artists' interviews as well as any tips & tricks Support has for you.

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