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ROSCon 2019

Video recordings from ROSCon 2019

ROSCon 2019 Macau: A true zero copy RMW implementation for ROS2

Karsten Knese (Bosch), Michael Pöhnl (Bosch)
Bosch is going to open source a true zero-copy middleware for inter-process communication on modern robotics and vehicle computers. The shared memory based solution is compatible with Linux/QNX and achieves data independent communication in constant time without serializing data. We would like to present our recent development toward full ROS2 compatibility by providing a working RMW implementation. This implementation enables leveraging the tools around ROS2 with the speed of zero-copy data transfer…a powerful combination. We will present some timing analysis and finally introduce a bridge to existing DDS systems when extending the scope from shared memory to inter-machine communication.

Video presented at ROSCon 2019. More details and slides are available at:

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