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ROSCon 2019

Video recordings from ROSCon 2019

ROSCon 2019 Macau: Black Block Recorder: Immutable Black Box Logging via rosbag2 and DLTs

Ruffin White (University of California, San Diego), Gianluca Caiazza (Ca’ Foscari University)

Black-boxes or Event-Data-Recorders (EDRs) are crucial in robotics, providing prolonged insights into situational context or internal system-state; invaluable when analyzing R&D experiments ex post facto. Roles and requirements for EDRs in production can broaden to include evidence for legal investigations. As high profile incidents continue to guide regulatory policies, it's paramount that the integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of logs be maintained to ensure accountability. This talk will address immutablization of rosbags at runtime via linked integrity proofs and permissioned blockchains (a DLT), with special considerations for mobile service robot deployments subject to threats beyond conventional IT.

Video presented at ROSCon 2019. More details and slides are available at:

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