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ROSCon 2019

Video recordings from ROSCon 2019

ROSCon 2019 Macau: Industrial Manufacturing Automation Leveraging ROS

Levi Armstrong, Chris Lewis (Southwest Research Institute)

Aerospace, Excavator Machinery manufactures and other industries require large automated manufacturing systems for painting, surface-finishing, inspection, and more. These systems often employ a gantry outfitted with an industrial manipulator to extend the work envelope over many meters. Due to their sheer size and associated costs, these systems must perform multiple operation to ensure adequate return on investment. Automating these large, multi-use-systems has challenges including motion planning for redundant kinematics, calibration of 3D scanning sensors, environment management, user-interface and collision monitoring. Southwest Research Institute will share its experiences applying ROS to implement several complex automation systems for large scale manufacturing processes.

Video presented at ROSCon 2019. More details and slides are available at:

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