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ROSCon 2019

Video recordings from ROSCon 2019

ROSCon 2019 Macau: It Takes a Village: Collaboration in ROS

Sophia Kolak, Chris Timperley (Carnegie Mellon University)

ROS has grown over many years from a small network of developers into a mature, collaborative ecosystem. Collaborative development as such is often considered one of ROS's greatest strengths. And yet, prior investigations into the ecosystem suggest high rates of package abandonment and serious barriers to package reuse. To investigate these claims, we performed statistical and graph-based analysis on the ROS ecosystem, and evaluated how much collaboration is really happening in ROS. Our talk will present findings from this study, introduce our ROS-dependency graph database, and give insights on how to design more effective collaboration in ROS 2.

Video presented at ROSCon 2019. More details and slides are available at:

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