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ROSCon 2019

Video recordings from ROSCon 2019

ROSCon 2019 Macau: Webviz: a complete ROS visualization suite in the browser

Jacob Bandes-Storch, JP Posma (Cruise Automation)

The ROS ecosystem of visualization and dev tools (Rviz, RQt, etc..) is powerful but challenging to scale across large teams. That's why Cruise developed and open-sourced Webviz, a browser-based alternative that consolidates all their functionality in an easy to deploy, customize, and extend web application. This talk will introduce the tool and show how it improves the debugging and development workflow compared to the existing suite (both desktop and browser-based). We’ll also walk through implementing custom components for data loading (e.g. CSV dumps from a remote server) and visualization (3D paths) to demonstrate how the architecture is easy to extend.

Video presented at ROSCon 2019. More details and slides are available at:

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