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Øredev Conference for Software Developers - .NEt/Java/Web/Mobile/Test/Agile

Every year we organize a Conference for Software developers, in the South of Sweden and it is with pride that we share our passion with you. We hope that one day you will be among the ones who are visiting us and will contribute to make of Øredev an awesome event, because at the end, it's all about people!

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Øredev 2011 - Case Study on Team Leadership with Context-Driven Exploratory Tests - Shmuel Gershon

What's the effect of exploratory testing on a Team? What effect the practice has on their leader?Shmuel’s team experience in user centered Context-Driven projects made them realize that more than technical practice, it calls for change in leadership style and interactions.This dynamic talk tells a story of innovation in methods, deliverables and management. More than that, it tells a story of people, excellence, skills and satisfaction. If you have a testing team, and you want to see an alternative for team operations that maximize their potential and satisfaction, this talk is for you.

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