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Øredev Conference for Software Developers - .NEt/Java/Web/Mobile/Test/Agile

Every year we organize a Conference for Software developers, in the South of Sweden and it is with pride that we share our passion with you. We hope that one day you will be among the ones who are visiting us and will contribute to make of Øredev an awesome event, because at the end, it's all about people!

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Øredev - UX for the iPad - William Van Hecke

With the iPad, full-fledged touch computing is here. What can your touch interface do better? Which of your interaction assumptions are debris you should jettison, and which still apply? When you carve away the mouse and keyboard and desktop trappings, what is your software really about? Learn how the iPad experience respects users' concentration and creativity. Find out how the iPad is distinct from its iPhone and Mac siblings, and why it requires new thinking about interaction design.

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