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Frederick's Segment Producing

Frederick spent 13 years as a segment producer/ reporter/ host/ in Alberta TV. He has filmed thousands of stories for ShawTV, HelpTV and CTV2. Here are a few of his favourites.

  1. The Troll Collector for Alberta Primetime, CTV2

    Here is a story I produced in 2013 for Alberta Primetime on CTV2. Its a profile on the Edmontonian who holsthe world record for MOST TROLL DOLLS.

  2. DInosaur Provincial Park for Alberta Primetime, CTV2

    Wanna be a palaeontologist for a day? And go dig up velociraptors? You can do that at Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta.

  3. Bailey the Buffalo for Alberta Primetime, CTV2

    An Edmonton couple has a pet Buffalo. It sits in their living room. And rides in the car, And it is BIG.

  4. Surf Wagons for HelpTV

    Here'a story I produced for HelpTV. It features the various 'Vansions' that my friends use to drive and live in during surf trips.

  5. Gopher Museum for Alberta Primetime, CTV2

    Yes, Alberta has a gopher museum. And yes it has caused controversy. And weird art.

  6. Weird Phobias for HelpTV

    In this episode of HelpTV I explore a few weird 'Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.' Yeah, thats a real phobia.

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