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Open Dance Project Work Samples

6 Selections of 5 minutes each demonstrating the theatrical range, physical virtuosity, and aesthetic excellence of Open Dance Project's collaboratively devised ensemble dance theater works.

Open Dance Project has been creating immersive dance theater since its inception in 2015. These annual performance experiences deal with real-world subject matter - looking inward at the personal emotional experience in the midst of significant social and historical events. ‘Bout a Stranger (2017), DADA Gert (2018), Panopticon (2019), and All the Devils Are Here: A Tempest in the Galapagos (2021) and upcoming Bonnie & Clyde (2022) break down the barrier between artist and audience by inviting the audience members into the performance where they walk among the set and dancers, experiencing the intimacy and depth of performers’ expressive physicality and the real-world connections and historicity of elements in the set, objects, projections, and sound.

Each Open Dance Project season includes a world premiere adaptation of a beloved children’s tale for family audiences. ODP’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (2017) , Peter & Wendy (2018), Alice (2019), The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (2020/2021), and the upcoming Wonka! (2022) offer accessible entry points for young audiences to experience the magic of dance theater through the lens of a familiar narrative that celebrates the creativity and imagination of a young protagonist. These performances feature aerial silks, acrobatics, humor, and moments of audience interaction to engage and invite our young audience members into the joy of the theatrical experience. ODP2, our youth ensemble, composed of dance artists ages 12 - 18 perform alongside our professional company, giving our young audience members a demonstration of the creative potential of young people through their own participation.

Still We Tend (2021) Dance Film Work Sample

Selections from Still We Tend, a dance film co-produced by Open Dance Project and Musiqa. This sample demonstrates the physical strength, resilience, and emotional availability of ODP’s ensemble members, who continued to build new work and teach throughout the 20/21 “Pandemic” Season. Music composed by Hawa Diabate. Film by James Templeton. Concept and choreography by Annie Arnoult. Performed by Brittany Thetford Deveau, Joshua De Alba, Alisa Mittin, Taylor McAnulty, Seth McPhail, Yoshi Pineda, Cameo Renee, Joseph Stevens, Stacy Skolnik, Jaime Garcia Vergara, and Jordan Willis. Filmed at Houston Botanic Garden.

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