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Open Dance Project Work Samples

4 Selections of 5 minutes each demonstrating the theatrical range, physical virtuosity, and aesthetic excellence of Open Dance Project's collaboratively devised ensemble dance theater works.

Open Dance Project has been creating immersive dance theater since its inception in 2015. These annual performance experiences deal with real-world subject matter - looking inward at the personal emotional experience in the midst of significant social and historical events. ‘Bout a Stranger (2017), DADA Gert (2018), Panopticon (2019), and All the Devils Are Here: A Tempest in the Galapagos (2021) and upcoming Bonnie & Clyde (2022) break down the barrier between artist and audience by inviting the audience members into the performance where they walk among the set and dancers, experiencing the intimacy and depth of performers’ expressive physicality and the real-world connections and historicity of elements in the set, objects, projections, and sound.

Bonnie & Clyde (2022) Work Sample 1

Excerpts from Open Dance Project's Bonnie & Clyde Presented by Moody Center for the Arts at Rice University May 2022. Conceived and directed by Annie Arnoult. Created and performed by Joshua de Alba, Sonia Engman, Atticus Griffin, Madelyn Manlove, Taylor McAnulty, Lizzy McGoldrick, Cameo Renee, Joseph Stevens, Jaime Vergara, and Brenden Winkfield. Music by Paul Beebe, Garreth Broesche, and Hunter Perrin. Produced by Robin Anderson. Production Management by Christina Maley. Set by Ryan McGettigan. Lights and Projection by Tiffany Schrepferman. Sound by Edgar Guajardo. Costumes by Ashley Horn. Props Master Lauren Davis. Video by Ben Doyle of BEND Productions.



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