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The making of "All the Devils are Here: A Tempest in the Galapagos"

These videos provide insight into the process of making Open Dance Project's latest immersive work - "All the Devils are Here: A Tempest in the Galapagos." Originally set to premiere in May 2020, co-presenters Open Dance Project and DiverseWorks teamed up to offer a series of community engagement events throughout the year to inform the creation of the work that was presented via livestream May 14 & 15, 2021.

Video Editor: Lizzy McGoldrick

This project is supported by the National Performance Network (NPN) Documentation & Storytelling Initiative. For more information:

Immersive Work in the time of COVID

A sneak peek into ODP and DiverseWorks' upcoming livestream co-presentation - "All the Devils Are Here: A Tempest in the Galapagos." This video offers an inside perspective to the process of creating immersive work in the time of COVID and how to translate that experience through a virtual presentation.

Open Dance Project has been creating annual dance theater immersive performance experiences since it's inception in 2015 that deal with real-world subject matter - looking inward at the personal emotional experience in the midst of significant social and historical events.

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