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The making of "All the Devils are Here: A Tempest in the Galapagos"

These videos provide insight into the process of making Open Dance Project's latest immersive work - "All the Devils are Here: A Tempest in the Galapagos." Originally set to premiere in May 2020, co-presenters Open Dance Project and DiverseWorks teamed up to offer a series of community engagement events throughout the year to inform the creation of the work that was presented via livestream May 14 & 15, 2021.

Video Editor: Lizzy McGoldrick

This project is supported by the National Performance Network (NPN) Documentation & Storytelling Initiative. For more information:

Behind the Scenes with Set & Costume Designer of Galapagos

There are many creative collaborators who contribute to the making of Open Dance Project's immersive work. This video narrated by set designer Ryan McGettigan takes audiences backstage to understand some of the underlying themes around power and climate change that are prominent in "All the Devils Are Here: A Tempest in the Galapagos."

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