SATO- CL4NX teasers 1 and 2

Client: Sato America

Agency: Red Moon Marketing

Production: Out of Our Minds Studios

Sato America and Red Moon Marketing approached Out of Our Minds to create 3 animations for their new printer product, the CL4NX. The 3 animated pieces would consist of 2 teasers to drum up industry interest and a "Prospecting" video designed to give users a taste of the many cutting edge features of the printer unit. This would all lead to a final interactive app for use by the Sato sales force utilizing animation and assets created by the OOOM team. Sato expressed the desire for a space theme to the animations and let OOOM run with the idea from there. Out of Our Minds began with exhaustive photography of the prototype unit when we learned CAD files would not be made available in time for the launch date of the animations. From the ground up OOOM built the printer inside and out in 3d. Several of the internal workings were rigged for animations that would be in the final interactive piece. All animation and compositing was executed using Lightwave 3d and After Effects.