James Adam Tucker - Acting Reel

Scenes from feature films and television with James Adam Tucker.

BAD MEN - 1990

BAD MEN is a 94 minute independent feature film. This movie was shot on 16mm film in and around East and South Central Los Angeles in 1990, shortly before the L.A. riots. It's a crime drama written and directed by MICHAEL HADDAD and stands up surprisingly well in 2016. This is a copy of the rough cut, I am not sure if the film was ever finished. Here are two of the scenes I acted in, my final scene did not make the cut. The budget was a little over $100,000. The story is about two guys who buy a handgun so they can become outlaws. Although some of the attitudes towards race and gender are pretty Non-PC and anti-THE ME TOO movement, but it's sometimes hilarious.