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  1. Betting on Older Adults: A Problem Gambling Awareness Program

    The Responsible Gambling Council commissioned us to produce an awareness video to alert seniors on how to manage and moderate their gambling behaviours to reduce the risk of getting caught up in destructive patterns.

  2. Co-operate to Win (48:25)

    This forty-five minute drama, shot in the style of "The Office" shows a group of managers and workers trying to apply a set of co-operative labour/management principles in the workplace. It presents some intriguing and sometimes humourous stories from the front-lines.

    Producer/Director/Editor: Jim Brodie

  3. The Team Allan Built

    This video celebrates the work of Mt. Sinai Hospital's orthopaedic team.

  4. Kids Helping Kids

    This segment from the UCDSB's Directors Report to the Community 2012 demonstrates how a small elementary school in eastern Ontario helped to build a school for AIDs orphans.

  5. Link Crew

    A high school in eastern Ontario has adopted a student mentoring program for its incoming grade 9s. It goes beyond helping kids fit in academically, it helps the new students feel a sense of belonging and connection to other students in their new learning setting. The senior grade 12 students also develop important leadership and interaction skills that benefit them as they discover the value of serving others.

  6. Reducing the Risk of Problem Gambling