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  1. Preventing Violence

    • Promoting a Culture
      of Open Communication

  2. The Five Acupressure Points Everyone Should Know.... a self-care program

    This program contains the five distinct acupressure points for each of lif'e's twelve most common conditions.
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    The series is hosted by:

    Derek Shin B.Sc., M.A. Ac.Dip., R.Ac, R.Psych.
    Wellness International Corporation

    Director/Camera/Editor: Jim Brodie

  3. Parents for a Drug-Free Canada

    This video offers hope and insight to parents of children who develop a substance dependency.

    Camera: Jim Brodie

  4. EQAO honours Merrickville

    Director/Camera/Editor: Jim Brodie

  5. Surging Forward

    Directors' Annual Report to the Community, Upper Canada District School Board.

    Director/Camera/Editor: Jim Brodie

  6. Components of Structured Teaching

    Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are able to access school curriculum when it is presented in a structured form. The video explores how educators have creatively adapted their classrooms and approaches to successfully engage these students.