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  1. Helping the Impaired Physician: A Program for Colleagues

    Physicians have ready access to a wide range of narcotic drugs and other controlled substances. Despite their professional training and knowledge of the problems associated with these drugs, physicians and other healthcare professionals are not immune to the risk of addiction. According to one estimate, as many as 17,000 U.S. physicians may have substance abuse problems at one time.

    Anesthesiologists and family physicians appear to be at particular risk; residents in emergency medicine, psychiatry and anesthesiology may also have higher than average rates of addiction. Substance abuse by physicians can destroy lives, families, and professional careers. Their errors can cause irreparable harm to their patients, and their colleagues and employers could be held jointly liable.

    Despite this grim picture, with early detection, intervention, and effective treatment, more than eighty percent of impaired physicians can recover. This provocative training program is designed to help colleagues and employers of impaired physicians (as well as impaired physicians themselves) to recognize substance abuse problems, and to take prompt and effective action. The program is hosted by CBC medical journalist Dr. Brian Goldman, MD, FACEP, MCFP(EM).


    "Issues related to pain management, substance abuse and drug diversion have become increasingly important within the health professions in the last decade. Each video emphasizes the importance of and the process for professional intervention for the impaired physician or pharmacist.

    - Educational Media Reviews Online

    Awards: Gold Plaque, Chicago Intercom Competition

    Jim Brodie Producer/Editor

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  2. 9-Lives Adventures: Karim Ladki

    In 2010, when Karim Ladki was following the Paralympics in Vancouver, he was struck by the drive, dedication and high standard of performance of the athletes - as in the way he puts it, "suddenly the the term 'disabled' lost all meaning to me."

    With his partner, Matt Thola, he founded 9-Lives Adventures.Together they share a passion to bring adventure and excitement into the lives of people with disabilities.

    Director/2nd Camera/Editor: Jim Brodie

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  3. Preventing Violence: An Overview

    "Violence is a language. When language fails violence becomes a language." --Elie Wiesel

    "Hurt people hurt people" -- Anonymous

    The following videos are aimed at adults in school settings who are concerned about where a young person's troubling behaviours are leading. This video reviews the signs and indicators that emerge prior to violence and how to bring these behaviours to the attention of people who can help. It explains how the involvement of a violence threat risk assessment and intervention team can avert a potential tragedy.

    These videos are based on the work of Kevin Cameron. For information go to:

    Director/Camera/Editor: Jim Brodie
    CGI & SFX: Shakil Nundoll

  4. Portraits of Excellence - trailer

    The Director's Report to the Community profiles promising practices in education in the Upper Canada District School Board.

    Director/Camera: Jim Brodie
    Editor: Jim Brodie / Shakil Nundloll (CGI)

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  5. Responsible Gambling Youth Drama Promo

    The Responsible Gambling Council's Youth Drama series is a theatrical experience for high school students that offers a realistic picture of the risks involved in gambling and how to avoid them.

    Director/Editor: Jim Brodie

  6. Vital Youth

    The COSTI Vital Youth (Connections) Program provides sustainable, meaningful and appropriate physical activities to both able bodied and disabled youth. The program also encourages youth to become active, gain access to recreational facilities they'd normally be excluded from and to feel the exhilaration of acquiring new athletic skills. Some of the athletes have even gone on to success at provincial and national competitions.

    The program was also designed reduce social isolation and to foster understanding and interaction between able bodied and disabled youth and children.

    Director/Camera/Editor: Jim Brodie