1. 9-Lives

    Karim Ladki - 9 Lives Adventures

    Karim Ladki and his friend Matt Thola shared a passion to bring adventure and excitement
    into the lives of people with disabilities. Their love of life is contagious.

    Director/2nd Camera/Editor: Jim Brodie

  2. The Five Acupressure Points Everyone Should Know.... a self-care program

    This program contains the five distinct acupressure points for each of lif'e's twelve most common conditions.
    To learn more go to vimeo.com/ondemand/acupressure

    The series is hosted by:

    Derek Shin B.Sc., M.A. Ac.Dip., R.Ac, R.Psych.
    Wellness International Corporation

  3. Parents for a Drug-Free Canada

    This video offers hope and insight to parents of children who develop a substance dependency.

    Camera: Jim Brodie

  4. Surviving Quintuplets

    Jennifer and Jared Erhardt had no idea what was in store for them when they heard the word 'quintuplets' from their doctor. A strong Christian faith guided them along an uncertain path to a joyful outcome. This "Living Truth" story will aired internationally and in Canada on CTV.

  5. Alliance Grain Traders, Inc.

    Murad Al-Katib
    Alliance Grain Traders, Inc.

    REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN: Murad Al-Katib is the founder, President and CEO of Alliance Grain Traders Inc. Murad was born and raised in Davidson, Saskatchewan; he took a degree in business from the University of Regina, followed by a Masters in Global Management from Arizona. After a short term working for the Government of Saskatchewan promoting international trade, Murad started his first company, Saskcan Pulse Trading in 2001, and has since grown it into a global operation selling to more than 100 countries, through 29 manufacturing plants in five continents.

    Director/Editor: Jim Brodie

  6. Portraits of Excellence - trailer

    The Director's Report to the Community profiles promising practices in education in the Upper Canada District School Board.

    Director/Camera: Jim Brodie
    Editor: Shakil Nundloll