1. StarHunter Redux: Behind the Scenes

    A behind the scenes look at the redux version of Starhunter: Redux, a 44 episode science fiction series.

    Director/Editor: Jim Brodie

  2. Prayerful Activism

    The International Indigenous Youth Council is one of the driving forces behind the Standing Rock protest action against the Dakota Access Pipeline. The video shows the powerful connection between an environmental movement and prayer in the young peoples' effort to preserve their land and water, revitalize cultural roots and to heal themselves from the ongoing trauma of colonial abuse and betrayal.

    Most of the video was recorded over two days in December 2016. We'd also like to thank other filmmakers and photographers who contributed material for this story.

    Director/Camera/Editor: Jim Brodie

  3. Vital Youth

    The COSTI Vital Youth (Connections) Program provides sustainable, meaningful and appropriate physical activities to both able bodied and disabled youth. The program also encourages youth to become active, gain access to recreational facilities they'd normally be excluded from and to feel the exhilaration of acquiring new athletic skills. Some of the athletes have even gone on to success at provincial and national competitions.

    The program was also designed reduce social isolation and to foster understanding and interaction between able bodied and disabled youth and children.

    Director/Camera/Editor: Jim Brodie

  4. 9-Lives

    Karim Ladki - 9 Lives Adventures

    Karim Ladki and his friend Matt Thola shared a passion to bring adventure and excitement
    into the lives of people with disabilities. Their love of life is contagious.

    Director/2nd Camera/Editor: Jim Brodie

  5. Surviving Quintuplets

    Jennifer and Jared Erhardt had no idea what was in store for them when they heard the word 'quintuplets' from their doctor. A strong Christian faith guided them along an uncertain path to a joyful outcome. This "Living Truth" story will aired internationally and in Canada on CTV.

    Director/2nd Camera/Editor: Jim Brodie

  6. The Restore Canada Method of Care

    The Restore Canada Method of Care offers a comprehensive response to people in crisis. In partnership with other churches, Restore will help a person with their most pressing needs and work with them to develop a more sustainable and healthy way of living. Restore Canada connects people with resources and caring volunteers to restore hope and move toward an abundant life.