1. Tico - Super Patrick

    Advertisting Agency: Larter Advertising
    Producer/Director/Editor: Jim Brodie
    Director of Photography: Mitch Bellman
    CGI: Shakil Nundloll

  2. TICO - 2 x 10 secs

  3. 9-Lives

    Karim Ladki - 9 Lives Adventures

    Karim Ladki and his friend Matt Thola shared a passion to bring adventure and excitement
    into the lives of people with disabilities. Their love of life is contagious.

    Producer/Director/2nd Camera/Editor: Jim Brodie

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  4. The Five Acupressure Points Everyone Should Know … a self-care program.

  5. In the Ville

  6. Vital Youth

    The COSTI Vital Youth (Connections) Program provides sustainable, meaningful and appropriate physical activities to both able bodied and disabled youth. The program also encourages youth to become active, gain access to recreational facilities they'd normally be excluded from and to feel the exhilaration of acquiring new athletic skills. Some of the athletes have even gone on to success at provincial and national competitions.

    The program was also designed reduce social isolation and to foster understanding and interaction between able bodied and disabled youth and children.

    Director/Camera/Editor: Jim Brodie