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Enabling Smarter Cities

Everyone is talking about smart city solutions and their benefits, but implementing such solutions is often not straightforward. Moreover, a huge amount of knowledge and experience are available but not exchanged efficiently between cities. These series of webinars aim at providing different types of actors with the necessary understanding of these solutions for making justified decisions and taking action to drive these solutions forward.

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  1. 01_Smarter Cities: Introduction to Opportunities and difficulties around smart city solutions

    Welcome and introduction to the 1st webinar of the Enabling Smarter Cities webinar series

    The webinar aims to outline to all audiences the basics around smart city solutions while showing them why it is not simple to achieve these. It consists of an overview of existing solutions and activities in the Smart City context, review of existing barriers and challenges, with main focuses on the role of Interoperability, Governance and communities, and finance in Smart City Projects.

    Part 1: Overview of smart city solutions & Issues and barriers:

    Part 2: Interoperability Intro:

    Part 3: Governance and communities Intro:

    Part 4: Role of Finance Intro:

    Part 5: Enabling Smarter Cities:

  2. 02_Smarter Cities: Introduction to Interoperability

    Welcome and introduction to the 2nd webinar of the Enabling Smarter Cities webinar series on the topic "Interoperability".

    This webinar focuses on understanding what the interoperability means, the benefits of having an interoperable system(s) together with the successful examples of an interoperable system and data architecture and tools derived based on interoperability.

    Part 1: City Data Interoperability (Ordinance Survey):

    Part 2: No Interoperability, No Smart Cities (Open Geospatial Consortium):

    Part 3: OS and CityVerve (Ordinance Survey):

    Part 4: Technologies and services for interoperability:

    Part 5: Smart Data Infrastructure:

  3. 03_Complex Systems - Overview

    This webinar series introduces the importance and benefits of city-scale system analysis within the current Smart City agenda.

    Speaker: Clare Wildfire (Mott MacDonald)

    03_Part 2: Complex Systems - Experiences on Implementation

    03_Part 3: What makes a good client

    03_Part 4: City systems analysis webinar_ Experiences and lessons learnt from the Greater London Authority

    04_Part 5: Applying System Dynamics in Urban Planning

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