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Capacity Development Cities Offer

The Capacity Development Cities Offer focuses on urban changemakers. It aims to equip local governments, citizens and businesses with a set of capacities that enables them to initiative, promote and accelerate city transformation towards sustainability. It offers webinars and videos as learning materials to inspire and support the daily work of urban changemakers.

It addresses strategic topics related to key drivers of change, such as: community participation and smarter cities; and focuses essential skills to tackling city challenges, including: leadership, stakeholder mapping and analysis and system innovation.

The content available here provides a taste of all that Climate-KIC can offer through a deeper and tailored training programme built around blended learning and customised training courses.

  1. Smarter cities webinar series

    Welcome to the webinar series on Enabling Smarter Cities. It includes three modules:

    01_Introduction to Opportunities and difficulties around smart city solutions

    02_Introduction to Interoperability

    03_Complex System Analysis

  2. Community Participation: Learning from five success stories

    In this video, five successful and prize-winning examples of community participation in urban
    projects from around Europe will be introduced.

    If you are only interested to have a look at one specific case, you can access directly to the following links:

    1) Bologna, District Laboratories:

    2) Barking and Dagenham Borough (London), Everyone everyday:

    3) UK, Open Government:

    4) Gdansk, Citizen Assemblies:

    5) Berlin, Housing densification:

    These videos give an in-depth overview of the reasons why they are excellent, how strategies were created to work collaboratively with the local communities and what instruments they used.

    To access to all case studies portfolio:

    Speaker: Georg Hubmann

  3. Community Participation: cornerstones and added value of participatory democracy

    Cornerstones of community participation.

    Speakers: Georg Hubmann, TU Berlin

    The link below includes videos about:

    An interview with Anthony Zacharzewski, from Democratic Society on the the value of participatory democracy, lessons learned from several cities and key concepts on community participation.

  4. SSD Targets and Indicators Approach

    This video introduces you to an SSD approach that has helped district teams to be clearer on what they want to achieve and to create a direct link between policy ambitions and actions "on the ground". You will learn the essentials of the approach and get some tips for the implementation.

    Speaker: Peter Bosch, TNO, The Netherlands

  5. Stakeholder mapping by Gianluca Avella AESS, Climate-KIC

    Any project that has the ambition to tackle climate change in a system innovation perspective, needs to take into account the interplay of projects, initiatives and actors –formal and informal- which is out there. How can I “map” such bulk of actors in a meaningful way? What actors could help me with my initiative? There may not be a single answer to these questions, but there are tools that may help you gain a systems perspective on your challenge.

    This webinar focuses on applying some Climate-KIC visual tools by using a real case study from Milan on Nature-based solutions called Bosco Verticale experience to help you in mapping stakeholders.

    Here the link of the case study:

    Speaker: Gianluca Avellana, AESS

  6. Introduction to EcoDistricts Protocol

    It is an introductory session on using the EcoDistricts Protocol as a guide for sustainable urban transformation in your community.

    The EcoDistricts Protocol is a powerful way to move projects from vision to reality and makes equity and sustainability fundamental to neighborhoods for all.

    The session will include an overview of the EcoDistricts Protocol and Certification, which are based on:

    1) equity, resilience, and climate protection imperatives;

    2) formation of a governance structure;

    3) development of a roadmap; and

    4) ongoing performance reporting.

    If you are interested to know more about Ecodistrict initiative, we recommend you the following videos:

    Speakers: EcoDistricts CEO Rob Bennett and VP Programs Naomi Cole.