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Ritual of Quintessence - Lovers Leap Galiano Island

My first of Three Water Blessings for Amanda Ferguson Binah Zing on my Pilgrimage. First I journeyed to the Point of Conception, the sacred spot where Beansie's first cells came into being. Less than 50km from where she left this planet.

Galiano Island is the magical place where she was conceived, and like salmon returning home we had planned to visit this Island on our way to the Seven Seals event together. It was a challenging journey to do alone, and for nearly two days I poured my tears into this island. And then on my final evening, I was suddenly given the vitality to get up and drive all the way across the other side of the island to "Lover's Leap". I stepped out of the car and a massive dragonfly whizzed by, showing me a secret path off to the side. I followed the small rocky path to a perfect secluded cliff perch where I could set up my altar and watch the sunset. It was a truly miraculous few hours, dragonflies whizzing by my head constantly. Hawks and seals, sailboats and glorious sun rays.

I had brought a small collection of sacred objects from those I love dearly. In the golden grail I placed 3 Sacred Waters, 3 Sacred Herbs, and played her 3 Sacred Songs from my Halo Drum. After a perfect date on Lover's Leap, I made my final prayer and offered this water blessing to the Ocean. The heart key will remain there for the next couple to find this sacred spot, and unlock the One Door to the True Heart.

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