Silent Movie Screen Tests

Silent Movie Screen Tests were a series of animations we made in the style of silent film using text from Life and Times - Episode 7. The films were composed from individual still photographs shot with a Cannon Mark ii camera in various locations while the company was on tour with Life and Times - Episodes 1 and 2. No one in the company had ever done animated film before, and we were learning as we experimented. Breaking down time into individual still moments was a challenge both for the directors and the actors involved. The individual photographs -- done often over the course of an entire day -- were later assembled in Final Cut at a rate of 10 frames per second to create the motion.

However, inter-titles proved a very slow way of working with such an exhausting amount of text. We knew that if we would make a full length movie in this same way, it would be twice as long as any of the episodes we had made previously, so this idea was eventually abandoned.