Unlicensed pyrotechnicians, unappreciated comedians, unemployed animators.
Welcome to the world of 'Oh Yeah Wow'

Ben Abraham - You And Me

Directed by Darcy Prendergast & Josh Thomas
Production Company: ohyeahwow.com
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Twitter: @ohyeahwow Instagram: oh_yeah_wow
Concept Developed by Darcy Prendergast & Josh Thomas

Producer: Nicky Pastore
Production Assistant: Imogen Tyers

DOP: Liam Gilmour
1AC: Austin Haigh
Steadicam Operator: Brett Harrison
Gaffer: Tommi Hacker and Tom Savige

Art Director: Das Patterson
Art Department Assistants: Sarah Kleffner, Shannon Glowacki, Andrew Finlay, Imogen O'Doyle and Francesca Hall
Lighting & Rigging: technicalevents.com.au

Make-up: Marlene Olsson

Colour Grade: CJ Dobson

Musician: Ben Abraham
Cast: Charly Thorn; Colin Donald