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13 x 30:00
Have you ever lost a valued possession down the drain? Have you ever wondered where your precious keepsake ultimately ended up? Chances are it will be found in Drainworld - down the drain, under the floors, behind the walls. There you will find Harley the Hippo, his bright red rubber booted birdbrain pal Norton, Ted Tubman and Pete & RePete as the busy custodians of the world's biggest lost-and-found department. In each new episode, these colorful and imaginative characters get to work itemizing, labeling and frequently returning these new "lost" items to their rightful owners. "Hippo Tub Co." is a quirky show that comes to life with highly imaginative storytelling that is enhanced by vivid 3D animation. If something has ever been lost and and never been found, be assured that it's the focus of everyone's attention in Drainworld.