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Monthly Briefings

OCFA produces a monthly recap of what is happening in the department and in our communities.

  1. OCFA's January 2018 Monthly Briefing

    Fire Captain Joe Menton reviews the capabilities of Mass Casualty 51; Battalion Chief Jim Henery reviews the lessons learned a car that flew into a building; and outgoing Board Chair Beth Swift updates us on the Fire Chief recruitment.

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  2. OCFA's December 2017 Monthly Briefing

    Educations Specialist Alexa Pratt reviews Spark of Love; Ops Chief Brian Young addresses staffing issues; and we’ll review some of the lessons learned from a recent fire involving a Tesla. All this plus an interview with Battalion Chief Mike Summers regarding the promotional process.

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  3. OCFA's November 2017 Monthly Briefing

    In this edition, we introduce you to OCFA's new Interim Fire Chief and we walk you through the timeline of what's gone on since the Canyon 2 Fire.

  4. OCFA's September 2017 Monthly Briefing

    We review the lessons learned from OCFA’s first known fentanyl-related incident; we hear from the rescuers who were deployed to Hurricane Harvey; and we talk to Acting Fire Chief Dave Anderson about the organizational changes.

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  5. OCFA's August 2017 Monthly Briefing

    We review the lessons learned from an Irvine structure fire with Battalion Chief Ken Harrison; OCFA hosts Explorer Academy 19; and we showcase the new wildland alarm dispatch criteria.

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  6. OCFA's May 2017 Monthly Briefing

    Fire Captain/Paramedic Steve Concialdi reflects on the past 100 mock DUI crashes and talks about the future; Senior Chaplain Dave Keehn discusses how the Chaplain Program can assist the firefighters and community; and Battalion 9 Chief Tony Espinosa and Fire Captain Paramedic Darren Purcell talk about a fire in Santa Ana that had the potential to take out a city block. All this, plus we say goodbye to retiring Ops Chief Dave Thomas.

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