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Monthly Briefings

OCFA produces a monthly recap of what is happening in the department and in our communities.

  1. OCFA's January 2016 Monthly Briefing

    Highlights from the Forcible Entry class; Battalion 7 Chief Ken Harrison reviews the lessons learned from the Cypress swift water rescue incident; and we introduce our new Decision Support Meteorologist Pete Curran. All this, plus Chief Bowman talks about recent changes in the organization.

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  2. OCFA's December 2015 Monthly Briefing

    Battalion 9 Chief Jim Henery reviews the lessons learned from the Santa Ana recycling plant fire; 38 recruits graduate from Career Firefighter Academy 41; and Battalion Chief Bill Lockhart introduces the trial study for the video laryngoscope. All this plus we meet the new WEFIT Coordinator!

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  3. OCFA's November 2015 Monthly Briefing

    Assistant Chief of Support Services Mike Schroeder introduces us to Pulsepoint; Fire Captain Bill Valdez talks us through a refresher on fire station 33 procedures; and our Clerk of the Authority Sherry Wentz goes over a couple new SOPs. All this plus the latest Community Education safety campaign.

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  4. OCFA's October 2015 Monthly Briefing

    Battalion Chief Jeff Hoey goes over a three-alarm fire in Irvine; Battalion Chief Brian Norton gives us some insight on Crews and Equipment; and we tell you what’s been going on in WEFIT. All this plus everything you need to know to prepare for El Niño.

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  5. OCFA's September 2015 Monthly Briefing

    Battalion Chief Jeff Hoey goes over the lessons learned for the 241 Fire; we take a closer look into the Pre-Fire Management Section; and the Support Services Department is looking for your feedback. All this plus we'll show you what Academy 41 is up to!

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  6. OCFA's July 2015 Monthly Briefing

    We get an update on our drowning prevention efforts; Battalion Chief Mike Blawn goes over the lessons learned from a house fire in Yorba Linda; and Engineer Martin Kuhn gives us an overview on the new RIC bag. All this plus the grand opening of Fire Station 56!

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