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OCFA Newsletter Ops Segments

Here are Operations-related stories from Monthly Briefings as independent clips for your viewing ease.

  1. OCFA's Simulation & Lessons Learned - Cypress Swift Water Incident

    We’re trying something new in our lessons learned segment by adding an interactive simulation component. Here’s Battalion 7 Chief Ken Harrison to review a recent swift water call in Cypress, as well as give you a better explanation to our new format.

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  2. OCFA's Training Update - Forcible Entry & FF Survival Class

    Firefighter and Academy 42 Instructor Dickens Tai reviews the GRABLIVES plan regrading a trapped firefighter.

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  3. OCFA's Weather Update

    New Decision Support Meteorologist Pete Curran talks about what his role here will entail.

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  4. OCFA's Lessons Learned - Recycling Plant Fire

    Battalion 9 Chief Jim Henery reviews the lessons learned from the recycling plant fire in Santa Ana.

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  5. OCFA's EMS Update - Video Laryngoscope Trial

    EMS Battalion Chief Bill Lockhart introduces the new video laryngoscope trial taking place on Medic 7.

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  6. OCFA's Training Update - Bridge-Based Water Rescue - Extended Version

    OCFA's Training and Safety Chief Dennis Gomez stresses the importance of preparing for El Niño, while the crew from Truck 6, A-shift, review a bridge-based water rescue.

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