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OCFA Newsletter Ops Segments

Here are Operations-related stories from Monthly Briefings as independent clips for your viewing ease.

  1. OCFA's Hurricane Harvey Overview

    Task Force members and OCFA Battalion Chiefs Shane Sherwood and Jeff Holy review the circumstances of the team's recent deployment.

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  2. OCFA's Lessons Learned - Fentanyl

    Battalion 9 units responded to the first known case for OCFA regarding the use of Fentanyl. They talked to us about the extremely serious call that left one patient dead and our crews exposed.

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  3. Wildland Dispatch Alarms

    OCFA is deploying a new wildland alarm dispatch criteria.

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  4. OCFA's Lessons Learned - Bel Aire Fire (Irvine)

    Battalion Chief Ken Harrison reviews the lessons learned from a structure fire in Irvine.

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  5. Academy 44 Graduation Overview

    24 recruits graduated from our 44th Career Firefighter Academy.

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  6. OCFA's Fire School Overview

    Firefighter Matt White takes us through an inside look of Fire School.

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