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OCFA Newsletter Ops Segments

Here are Operations-related stories from Monthly Briefings as independent clips for your viewing ease.

  1. OCFA's Lessons Learned - 3-Alarm Condo Fire in Irvine

    Battalion 3 Chief Jeff Hoey goes over the lessons learned from the 3-alarm fire that started in a garage and spread to four garages and one adjacent condo.

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  2. OCFA's Training Segment - Battalion 2 Drill

    Former Battalion 2 Chief (currently assigned to Strategic Services) Brad Phoenix talked to us about the tactics and strategies for his live-fire battalion-wide drill.

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  3. OCFA's El Niño Preperation

    OCFA's Battalion Chief of Emergency Planning & Coordination Marc Stone and Education and Community Outreach Supervisor Kristina Hamm remind everyone on to brush up on their upcoming weather preparedness knowledge.

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  4. OCFA's Sit Down with the Ops Chief - October 2015

    Assistant Chief of Operations Dave Thomas reminds everyone to log their training hours on a daily basis and talks about preparing for El Niño,

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  5. OCFA's Lessons Learned - 241 Fire

  6. OCFA's Career Firefighter Academy 41 Tower Workout