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OCFA Newsletter Chief's Report

Here are the Fire Chief's "Chief's Report" Segments from each Monthly Briefing as independent clips.

  1. OCFA's Chief's Report - October 2013

    Chief Richter discusses the recent Evacuation Drill in Cowan and Lemon Heights and the recent Baker Canyon Fire.

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  2. OCFA's Chief's Report - September 2013

    Chief Richter discusses the new Chief's Blog, OCFA upcoming Open House, and addresses the 9/11 anniversary.

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  3. OCFA's Chief's Report - August 2013

  4. Chief's Report - July 2013

    Chief Richter talks to us about the new Criteria-Based Dispatch and updates us on the HazMat Disclosure Program in this month’s Chief’s Report.

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  5. Chief's Report - June 2013

  6. Chief's Report - May 2013