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OCFA Newsletter Featured Segments

Here are selected stories from each Monthly Briefing as independent clips for your viewing ease.

  1. OCFA's Rowing Challenge Results

    OCFA WEFIT Coordinator Natalie Nacker reveals the winner of the most recent Rowing Challenge!

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  2. OCFA's Academy 43 Graduation Overview

    A big congratulations to our 34 newest members – the graduates of Academy 43! After spending 16 weeks under the supervision of Academy Coordinator Fire Captain David Kang and his team of instructors, these recruits celebrated with a magnificent ceremony on Wednesday, March 15th. Here’s a quick overview of the night!

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  3. National Fire Prevention Week

  4. OCFA's Best & Bravest 2016 Nomination Process

    Division 6 Chief Dave Anderson reviews the nomination process for the upcoming Best and Bravest Awards Dinner.

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  5. OCFA's ECC - Putting Names and Faces to Voices

    We introduce you to every member on the floor up in the Emergency Command Center.

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  6. 8th Annual Orange County Professional Firefighters Fallen Firefighters Relief Fund Charity Golf Tournament