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OCFA Newsletter Featured Segments

Here are selected stories from each Monthly Briefing as independent clips for your viewing ease.

  1. OCFA's FADD Spotlight

    Fire Captain/Paramedic Steve Concialdi reflects on the past 100 mock DUI crashes that FADD has staged and talks about the future of the program.

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  2. OCFA's Chaplain Program

    Senior Chaplain Dave Keehn talks about how the Chaplain Program can further assist our firefighters and community.

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  3. OCFA's Rowing Challenge Results

    OCFA WEFIT Coordinator Natalie Nacker reveals the winner of the most recent Rowing Challenge!

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  4. OCFA's Academy 43 Graduation Overview

    A big congratulations to our 34 newest members – the graduates of Academy 43! After spending 16 weeks under the supervision of Academy Coordinator Fire Captain David Kang and his team of instructors, these recruits celebrated with a magnificent ceremony on Wednesday, March 15th. Here’s a quick overview of the night!

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  5. National Fire Prevention Week

  6. OCFA's Best & Bravest 2016 Nomination Process

    Division 6 Chief Dave Anderson reviews the nomination process for the upcoming Best and Bravest Awards Dinner.

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