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Fales Video Archive

Jennifer & Kevin McCoy - Artist Archives Symposium

This talk is from the initial Artist Archives Symposium, celebrating the launch of the David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base on April 21, 2017 at the Fales Library & Special Collections. The David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base is an information resource devoted to the multidisciplinary artist/activist David Wojnarowicz. It is the first undertaking of the Artist Archives Project. In this talk, multimedia artists Jennifer & Kevin McCoy discuss their own work, and the documentation they've created to allow it a continued life. By discussing specific works of theirs, they demonstrate the unique challenges and conservation concerns that come with works of art that are inherently media and technology based. The genesis for a lot of their work has been a desire to create a visual experience of an archive, spurred on by the seeming difficulty to grasp the scope of content in a visual and human way when it exists in digital format. They talk about how preservation and conservation challenges are not normally on the minds of artists and the importance of conservators’ work. Filmed at the Fales Library.