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Fales Video Archive

Sex in the Archives: Archival Activism & Desire

Part of Fales Library’s Sex In The Archives Symposium. This talk features artist, activist & curator Quito Ziegler; Rachel Corbman of the Lesbian Herstory Archives; archivist, film curator & visual artist Leeroy Kun Young Kang; and Whitney Strub, author and history professor at Rutgers University. It is moderated by Hentyle Yapp, with a welcome from Zeb Tortorici, and closing remarks from Marvin Taylor. The speakers talk about curatorial activism and the importance of collecting subcultures; gender norms and searching for hidden or overlooked histories; the tendency for archival materials about sex to be visual; issues of race that intersect with the study of sex and porn; the role that the AIDS pandemic played in the acquisition of Fales’ gay porn materials; and fighting the stigma and shame of studying sex.