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Cooking Big Food: The Fight for Better Eating

Panera Bread is sourcing better ingredients; Chipotle refuses to sell a popular menu item when its pork source runs dry. Soda sales are down (read Marion Nestle’s new book Soda Politics: Fighting Big Soda (and Winning)), while seemingly half of Los Angeles and the Upper East Side are juicing.

“Hershey, America’s chocolate company, is getting rid of the unnatural ingredients in some of its most popular treats,” says Clark Wolf, founder and president of Clark Wolf Company. “And, Nestlé, the world’s chocolate company, is doing so as well. As a culture and an economy, we really are trying to figure out this good food thing.” Join Clark and his panelists Marion Nestle, Antonio Biagi, and Nicole Civita for another discussion from the Critical Topics in Food series.