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  1. Northwood Weekly Devotionals 10/22

    This is our final devotional video leading up the Harvest Offering this Sunday. We are highlighting Agape Families in this devotional. Join Andy Papendieck as he shares about mentoring and showing God's love.

  2. Northwood Weekly Devotionals: Harvest Offering 10/15

    Do you need God's strength in this difficult and challenging time? Be strong and courageous for the Lord is with you! Join Faith from Agape Families as she shares about God's faithfulness and strength for you.

  3. Northwood Weekly Devotionals 10/13

    Springfield Young Life is a recipient of our Harvest Offering. Young Life reaches out to High School students in Springfield with the gospel of Jesus. Join Misael Hernandez as he shares a brief encouragement from John 15.

  4. Northwood Weekly Devotionals 10/8

    We are kicking off a new devotional series leading up to the Harvest Offering on October 25th. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we will be hearing an encouragement from the recipients of the Harvest Offering this year. Join Kristin Wall from Every Child as she shares about God's heart towards us.

  5. Northwood Weekly Devotionals 10620

  6. Northwood Weekly Devotionals 10/1

    What is the mercy of God? Join Barry from earlier in the Mercy of God series to learn more about how merciful God is towards us!