Replay video sessions and keynotes from the No Magic World Symposium 2016 with presentations focusing on Technology & Enterprise Architecture, Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), and Workshops & Tutorials.

Model-Based Systems Engineering Track: The Value of Successful MBSE Adoption

Speaker: Edith Parrott - NASA Glenn Research Center
When: Day 3 : Tuesday May 24th

The value of successful adoption of Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) practices is hard to quantify. Most engineers and project managers look at the success in terms of cost. But there are other ways to quantify the value of MBSE and the steps necessary to achieve adoption. The Glenn Research Center (GRC) has been doing Model-Based Engineering (design, structural, etc.) for years, but the system engineering side has not. Since 2010, GRC has been moving from documents centric to MBSE/SysML. Project adoption of MBSE has been slow, but is steadily increasing in both MBSE usage and complexity of generated products. Sharing of knowledge of lessons learned in the implementation of MBSE/SysML is key for others who want to be successful. Along with GRC’s implementation, NASA is working hard to increase the successful implementation of MBSE across all the other centers by developing guidelines, templates and libraries for projects to utilize. This presentation will provide insight into recent GRC and NASA adoption efforts, lessons learned and best practices.