Replay video sessions and keynotes from the No Magic World Symposium 2016 with presentations focusing on MBSE/SysML, Technology & Enterprise Architecture, Ontology and Conceptual Modeling, plus Workshop and Tutorials.

Model-Based Systems Engineering Track: MBSE Implementations to Support Modernization and New Design and Development

Speaker: Dan Williams - G2 Ops
When: Day 3 : Tuesday May 24th

This presentation discusses how a Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach, using MagicDraw and SysML, has been used to support the modernization of a communications architecture by establishing the foundation necessary to support new design and development.

We have implemented a MBSE model to capture architectural implementations, systems, cables, and interfaces associated with local and enterprise topologies, component cybersecurity properties, the associated missions they support, and end to end messaging and processing flows.

To improve modernization planning, after capturing the baseline implementation, the MBSE model has been included in the Engineering Change Process, providing the ability to dynamically and quickly assess how a change at one point of the architecture affects related components, interfaces, test requirements, process flows and missions.

To support detailed design and development, the MBSE model has been leveraged to define how the architecture will be used in the future environment, both through Operational Process flows and Capability and Operational requirements, using the inter-relationships between them to ensure that all requirements and operational needs are met. With a library of components to be used for design, plugins have been developed leveraging MagicDraw’s OpenAPI to add the ability to perform Full Power Budget type analysis as well as other analytic-based evaluations.

This brief will go over the background of multiple projects, the goals of the MBSE implementations, and a demonstration the model employed for each.